The Greening Regions project was initiated by the Municipality of Rácalmás in order to enhance energy consumption consciousness and to spread the use of renewable energy sources in the region. For this purpose an excellent partnership has been established with Hungarian and Norwegian municipalities, local businesses and NGOs. The project supported by the Norway Grants will facilitate the development of innovative services in Rácalmás, taking into consideration best practices of their Norwegian counterparts. First, an energy management agency will be set-up to increase the knowledge of the local population, local SMEs and other municipalities regarding energy conscious solutions. Second, as a pilot investment, a geothermal heat pump will be installed in a local kindergarten, in order to supply the heating system with renewable energy. Beyond these actions, trainings and practical handbooks will be delivered to ensure wide-scale dissemination of project resultsWe hope that our project will show example and give incentive for people, companies and local governments in other regions as well!

Energy-conscious people


Energy-consciousness results in a clear win-win situation for You and your family. There are endless opportunities when it comes to solutions for decreasing our everyday energy consumption: switching off the light when we do not need it any more, or taking the bike instead of driving is for free… it even results in savings! But even if we dream bigger and consider changing the doors and windows of our house for better isolated ones, or installing solar panels – the investment clearly pays off on the long run. The Greening Regions project helps You and your family to learn more about the available solutions.

Green solutions for businesses


Businesses are the engine of the local economy: they offer jobs and services for the citizens, they generate income and thus contribute to the improvement of the quality of living. Energy efficiency of local enterprises is closely related with competitiveness – both for the company, and for the region. Energy-conscious solutions help to provide goods and services for lower prices, and at the same time, consideration to environmental aspects may attract more clients and increase commitment of employees. Energy efficiency investment are supported by different funding and financing schemes, as well as through incentives of the local government. The Greening Regions project helps your company to learn more about the available solutions.

Join our concept!


Local governments play a key role in enhancing energy consciousness and spreading the use of renewable energy sources: it is not only their responsibility but also their interest! Maintaining public buildings and running public services in an environmentally friendly way and with energy efficient technologies results in significant savings during the everyday operation. Awareness raising and active partnership with local citizens, businesses and NGOs contributes furtherto the creation of liveable, attractive, green settlements. The Greening Regions project helps your municipality to learn more about the available solutions.

Our objectives


The long-term objective of the Greening Regions project is to ensure that energy consciousness becomes an integral part of people’s everyday life and turns into the normal way of operation for businesses and municipalities. The project wishes to lay the grounds for a lasting change of mindsets and contribute to

  • accessibility of more and more information, practical example and useful assistance regarding energy consciousness,
  • people spending smaller share of their income on energy consumption,
  • an increased number of green investments, using geothermal energy,
  • more economical operation of public buildings and services,
  • development of the local economy.

The project makes important steps towards greening regions, at the same time respecting the principles of life-long learning, gender equality and partnership. These aspects are key in our work towards the environmental, economical and social sustainability of the region, and a better quality of life.