Rácalmás is one of the region’s most successful settlement. Besides our continuous endeavors to boost the local economy, we are also putting high emphasis on ensuring sustainability. The Greening Regions projects links these two objectives of ours. As the Project Promoter, we are committed to create a sustainable municipality model in cooperation with our partners.


Mezőfalva is committed to fully exploit its renewable energy potentials. In recent years we established geothermal heating system, solar panels and chopped wood furnaces to supply public buildings. In the Greening Regions project we would like to raise people’s awareness towards energy conscious solutions and let them better understand their importance.


Energiaklub has several decades of experience in awareness raising, trainings and strategy development of municipalities. We deem cooperation with local governments highly important, as municipalities can not only ensure energy efficient operation of public buildings but can also facilitate the increased energy consciousness of local citizens and businesses.

Duna-via kft.

The company is a significant player in the region regarding construction works. We pay high attention to energy efficiency aspects in our projects, and we also try to ensure energy consciousness in our day-today operation. The Greening Regions project offers us important knowledge which we are pleased to share with our partner businesses as well.


Forestry and wood processing play a key role in Stor-Elvdal’s local economy. Energy is to a large extent supplied by a district heating system powered by the waste heat from forestry. We are working hard to further improve the energy efficiency of public buildings, thus we are delighted to take part in the professional exchange of experiences facilitated by the Greening Regions project.


The Municipality of Elverum is rich in natural resources and has a vibrant cultural life. At the same time, we are putting high emphasis on the use of renewable energy. We have adopted our Energy and Climate Plan (SEAP) in 2010, which opened the floor for implementing significant energy measures. We are pleased to share our experiences with our partners in the Greening Regions project.